I offer the following services:

  • scientific, medical and general copy-​editing and proofreading
  • editing/​proofreading of corporate commu­nic­a­tions, including presentations/​speeches, tech­nical user manuals and quick-​turnaround proofreading of urgent docu­ments such as press releases and social media posts
  • type­setting for print and/​or online (PDF) public­ation, and also ebook production in Kindle or EPUB file formats; creation of attractive graphs in Excel, optim­isation of images in Photoshop, equation type­setting in MathType
  • design and illus­tration: I handle the design of routine tech­nical books and journals myself but for design-​intensive projects or tech­nical illus­tra­tions I have a pool of trusted graphic designers and illus­trators who I can either subcon­tract or recommend
  • project management of multi-​author books
  • conversion of journal manu­script tracking data­bases from one system to another (and subsequent config­ur­ation), partic­u­larly to the eJournalPress/​AllenTrack system

I do not work on student disser­ta­tions or theses.