Corporate communications, social media posts and technical documents for OCSiAl

OCSiAl logoOngoing quick-​turnaround proofreading and copy-​editing services provided for OCSiAl, a rapidly growing Russian manu­fac­turer of single-​wall carbon nanotubes, an additive that improves the prop­erties of an extremely wide range of indus­trial materials. Recent work has included a large number of docu­ments related to their annual nano­tech­nology industry summit, held this year in Luxembourg.

Additional chapters on gender-​based violence (violence against women) for the RCOG Essential Gynaecology Skills training manuals

EGS course facilitator manual front coverCopy-​editing and type­setting addi­tional chapters on gender-​based violence (violence against women) for the facil­itator and trainee manuals of the Essential Gynae­cology Skills training course, totalling about 40 pages, for the Royal College of Obstet­ri­cians and Gynae­co­lo­gists (RCOG)