I have been a freelance scientific and medical copy-​editor since 2003. In 2006, when a client and I were both disap­pointed with the standard of work from the type­setter that they had engaged, I thought that surely I could do a better job myself. So I proposed to that client that I would imme­di­ately invest in the necessary software and training with the aim of doing the type­setting of their next book. They trusted me enough to accept this proposal, and I have since gone on to typeset more than 20 of their subsequent books.

I grew up in South Africa where I obtained a BSc Chem­istry degree from the University of Cape Town. I then worked at a nuclear power station for six years in a variety of roles, including, at age 24, a year as the acting head of the Radiochem­istry Department.

In 1998 the oppor­tunity arose to move to the UK and I changed career to scientific, tech­nical and medical (STM) publishing, where I held the following positions:

  • Edit­orial Assistant, Journal of Chemical Tech­nology and Biotech­nology and Pesticide Science (Society of Chemical Industry, London)
  • Editor, The UK Biotech­nology Directory and The European Biotech­nology Directory (PJB Public­a­tions, London)
  • Public­a­tions Editor (Royal College of Obstet­ri­cians and Gynae­co­lo­gists, London)
  • Edit­orial Office Manager, British Journal of Cancer (Cancer Research UK, London)

Since 2008, I have been the Exec­utive Editor of the journal School Science Review, which is published by the Asso­ci­ation for Science Education (ASE). I also do all the type­setting of this quarterly full-​colour journal.

In 2016, I moved from the UK to Australia (near Melbourne), possibly perman­ently. I am continuing to provide my services to my estab­lished UK client base. The timezone difference between Australia and Europe is frequently proving to be an advantage for both parties when next-​day turn­around is required. Enquiries from Australian clients are also welcome.

Other interests

  • Early music: playing the harp­si­chord, viola da gamba (bass viol) and baroque cello in small ensembles and in a large amateur baroque orchestra that I co-​founded in 2002 in London; in Melbourne I perform frequently on harp­si­chord with various chamber music ensembles and orchestras.
  • Digital photo­graphy: land­scape and property photo­graphy, and image optim­isation in Photoshop
  • Motor­cycle touring