SfEP Advanced Professional MemberI am an exper­i­enced scientific and medical copy-​editor, proofreader and type­setter, and am an Advanced Profes­sional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) in the UK and a Profes­sional Member of the Institute of Profes­sional Editors (IPEd) in Australia. I use Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign CS6 or CC. Please see the Recent projects tab to get an idea of the typical sorts of document that I have worked on in recent years.

Here is a small selection of the unso­li­cited feedback I have received from clients:

  • Many thanks for all your support in getting these reports ready. Your attention to detail and respons­iveness is greatly appre­ciated and made this a very positive exper­ience for us.
  • On a personal note, may I say you were much the most metic­ulous and thorough copy editor I’ve every worked with. Thank you.
  • With both books now awaiting public­ation it only remains for me to say a big thank you for all of your efforts during the past year. I hope these two new public­a­tions will be a successful addition to the growing number of resources that will be available for young people who want to study physics; any success will be a reflection (and reward) of your edit­orial skills. So once again many thanks.
  • Thank you Andrew, it has been a pleasure working with you on this project. You have taken all the worry on the design, copy-​editing, proofing, liaison with [the cover designer] and the printer etc. etc. out of my hair, which I have really appreciated.
  • I must pass on [the Belgian author’s] feedback: “An immense thank you for your contri­bution to the improvement of the book. I admire the acuteness and the pertinence of your remarks and I am very grateful for your dynamic help.” With which I concur.
  • We do appre­ciate your continued commitment and high profes­sional standards, and that’s why we come to you so often!
  • Thank you for another great job! I really appre­ciate working with a type­setter who also copy-​edits and engages with the text rather than just pouring it onto the page. I am eternally grateful for your attention to detail, and for picking up and correcting inconsistencies.
  • Thank you for all your work on this book - as ever, it is excellent working with you, and your patience and attention to detail is much appreciated.
  • I am delighted to be able to tell you that this book has won the “Highly Commended” Award in the Obstetrics and Gynae­cology category of the BMA Book Compet­ition this year.
  • Many thanks for your work on this book. It is a pleasure to work with someone who can see the big picture and still attend to the small details.
  • The book was perfect and I think sold and is still selling steadily. We were very grateful to you espe­cially for being great to work with and getting the “job” done. We too were delighted with the book. Many thanks.
  • Thank you for all your effort on this project. I am embar­rassed by some errors that you have found and it shows you should never write anything to such a tight schedule. I know the product will be much better because of your efforts.
  • Many thanks for doing such a good job copy-​editing and type­setting the document. Everyone concerned was very impressed by your thorough and logical approach to the task.
  • Thank you very much for producing such an excellent product. I am very happy with it. I am sorry to have left you to it - your ability to cope with anything I throw at you is immensely valuable to me.
  • I have care­fully proofed this chapter, and am awed by the excel­lence of the editing!
  • It’s been a pleasure to have you do this - I wish more people had your insight and professionalism.
  • Your personal, profes­sional and responsive approach has meant that I have not had to worry about the quality of the output, nor meeting our deadlines.
  • Thank you for all your attention to detail. The author and I are very happy with how this book is looking. Of course, I expected nothing less from you.

I would be delighted to discuss with you how I can help you produce public­a­tions of the highest standard. Please send me a message via the Contact page.